In this cyberpunk 2077 guide, we’ll be walking you through the Every Breath You Take side job and explaining how to complete it in full. This is a pretty simple job if you follow the below guidelines. So without further delay, let’s start.

Every Breath You Take Side Job Walkthrough

The Blue Moon is the one who gives you the “Every Breath” quest, so you need to head to Kabuki to meet. Once you reach there, find a bench to sit down on because you can’t find her immediately, so wait until you get a phone call from here, and she will tell you the path. Then, all you need to do is follow the waypoint market, which takes you towards the stars where the Blue Moon is roving in the pathways.

Follow the Blue Moon until she stops to buy a copy of Green Cloud’s magazine. The clue leads you to the girl, and your stalker will likely take photographs of her. Now you have the following options:

  • Following The Stalker or Blue Moon
  • Stopping the Stalker From Reaching Blue Moon

Option One: Following The Stalker or Blue Moon

Whether you follow the Stalker or Blue Moon, the outcome won’t be changed. Whatever you choose to follow, both will eventually take you to the footbridge. On the bridge, you’ll see that the stalker Greem Clouds stops the Blue Moon and puts a gun on her.

I recommend you follow the blue moon because if you catch her before she pulls out her gun, you can take care of the stalker situation yourself or let the NCPD deal with it. However, there will be no stealth option for those who want to follow the Blue Moon. Therefore act quickly to take down the stalker with any weapon.

Option Two: Stopping the Stalker From Reaching Blue Moon

If you don’t want to spend too much and quickly finish the “Every Breath, You Take Side Job,” then the second option is for you. All you need to stop Greem Clouds from reaching the Blue Moon.

When you notice the stalker enter the gun store and quickly go behind her if you observe her interacting with Clark, then it’s time to ask the Green Cloud, “Why were you in a gun shop?” Finally, she begins to run, so you can kill her and wait for Blue Moon to discover the dead body, after which the mission will be completed.

Note: The Blue Moon becomes agitated when someone comes too close to her, so you need to remain at a safe distance while talking to her; otherwise, she will abort the mission.

That’s all you need to know, but if you want to add something to the walkthrough, leave a comment down below. Be sure to check out Edgerunner Weapon Locations, and PC Modding.

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