Getting stuck in a stun lock in Naraka Bladepoint can be a frustrating experience. However, with the right strategies and gameplay techniques, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. This guide will provide you with essential combat tips to get out of stun locks and survive in the challenging world of Naraka Bladepoint.


Understanding the Mechanics of Stun Locks in Naraka Bladepoint

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s crucial to understand what a stun lock is. In Naraka Bladepoint, a stun lock refers to a situation where your character is continuously hit and unable to respond due to the stun effect from the opponent’s attacks. This often results in a rapid decrease in your health, leaving you vulnerable and at a disadvantage.

Best Strategies to Escape Stun Locks in Naraka Bladepoint

1. Use Charged Attacks

One of the most effective ways to counter stun locks is to use charged attacks. These attacks cannot be interrupted by light attacks during the charge-up phase. Therefore, if you find yourself being stun-locked, charging up an attack can be a viable strategy to break free.

2. Leverage Character Abilities

Certain characters in Naraka Bladepoint have abilities that can help you escape stun locks. For instance, Tarka Ji’s ultimate ability, Blackout, can knock back attackers, providing you with a window to escape. Similarly, Tianhai’s Divine Bell can act as a reset button, giving you time to create some space between you and your opponents.


3. Learn Dodging

Another simple yet effective strategy is to spam dodge in a side-to-side direction. While the timing can be challenging, this can often help you escape the stun lock.

4. Stick With Your Team

Naraka Bladepoint is a team-based game, and staying close to your team can significantly reduce the chances of being stun-locked. If you find yourself being attacked by multiple opponents, your teammates can help distract them and reduce the pressure on you.

5. Maximizing Grapple Hook Distance

To survive more games and escape stuck lock more effectively in Naraka Bladepoint, you need to maximize the distance you get out of every grapple hook. This involves targeting something that you can grapple to, but also fly past, allowing you to gain a lot of distance using fewer grapple hooks.

6. Using Scale Rush for Escape and Counter

Scale Rush is a term for any time your character is doing a wall hang and launching an attack with the left mouse button. While performing a Scale Rush, your character turns blue and cannot be stunned by a grapple hook. This technique can be used to launch yourself into the air and escape, even if your enemy grapple hooks you.


7. Countering Blue Focus Attacks

In Naraka: Bladepoint, a common attack combo goes common attack, common attack, blue Focus attack. Learning to counter a blue Focus attack by throwing a parry can significantly improve your combat skills.

8. Avoiding Predictable Attack Combos

To avoid running into the same trap when you’re the one doing the attacking, you can use cancels. This can help you avoid doing a predictable three-click combo and running headlong into an enemy’s parry, making you a more unpredictable and formidable opponent.

By mastering these advanced techniques and strategies, you can improve your gameplay and become a better player in Naraka Bladepoint.

Healing Techniques After Escaping Stun Lock in Naraka Bladepoint

1. Healing in Trees

Once you’ve made an escape using Scale Rush and/or grapple hooks, look to climb into the top part of a tree. Healing in trees is much safer than healing on the ground, making it a key survival strategy in Naraka Bladepoint.


2. Crouch Healing

If you can’t heal in a tree and have to heal out in the open on the ground, spam your crouch button while consuming a healing item. This makes it harder for an enemy to hit you, helping you survive longer.

That’s the end of our tips on how to break stun lock in Naraka Bladepoint. If you have anymore tips for our readers, let us know in the comments below.