6 Video Games To Prepare You For World War 3

World War 3 Games

I know we’re all laughing at the world war 3 memes which is good. One of the best coping mechanisms to a bad situation can be to just laugh at said situation. That’s exactly what we’re doing here however, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare for it as well right? What games would help translate into actual skills when the war comes knocking? Here’s a list I’ve gotten to prepare you for just that. Here are 6 video games that should prepare you for World War 3.

Games To Play In Preparation For World War 3


What’s a better military simulator out there to prepare you for the gruesome reality of war than Worms. To get more specific into the series I’d recommend Worms Ultimate Mayhem. Worms teaches you so many essential components to being a good soldier. You’ve got the use of limited resources for example. This includes your weapons as well as your soldiers. The whole concept of worms is conserving your troops while wiping out the enemy numbers. I feel like the only thing holding Worms back from being all you need is the turn-based nature since war doesn’t wait turns. The fact that the troops are literal cartoony worms isn’t a deterring factor in any way, though.


Now in the case scenario that both sides of the war end up nuking each other to hell, how can we prepare for that? The answer is pretty obvious, Fallout! Since war never changes and all that jazz, Fallout is the perfect beginner’s guide to surviving in the post-apocalypse. I’d normally suggest Fallout New Vegas as the best way to prepare but let’s be real, we all know Fallout 76 is the most realistic option. That’s the only one that teaches you how to deal with actual people and not AI-powered NPCs.

World War 3 Games
Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is quite literally an actual take on what a third world war would be like. It highlights how today’s technology would also factor in with it since the last one was back in the 50s. I guess that makes the latest Modern Warfare installment a great place to prepare right? Especially since they’ve nailed a lot of aspects like the ballistics, gunplay and overall gritty nature of war. Good game to turn too honestly.

World War 3 Games
Rainbow Six Siege

You know your platoon leader is going to make you breach a compound at some point. What’s one thing you absolutely need to know when you’re doing that? You need to be able to peek like a pro! If one game can teach you that better than anything else, that game is Siege. It’s also got the off-hand bonus of teaching you how to work well with others. And to function well as a team overall.

World War 3 Games
Splinter Cell

Now understandably you won’t want to be fighting on the front lines at some point right? Some of you prefer the stealthier approach of espionage. In which case, Splinter Cell is the best tutorial. Learn from the best himself, Sam Fisher and figure out the ways you can extract info out of your enemies, sneak around the front lines and hit the opponent where it really hurts. If you play Conviction, you can even do it with a friend!

Devil May Cry

You know what? Maybe guns just aren’t your thing, or at least they’re not your ONLY thing. And what’s the fun in winning a war when you can actually also win the war in style. Devil May Cry is the right option for you honestly. Toss a few hours onto this bad boy and you’ll be royal guarding enemy tank shells in no time.

How are the enemy troops even going to prepare for a psychopath screaming “SWORTRISWORGUN” at the top of their lungs while trapping the enemy general in an endless smokin’ sexy air combo? I’ll tell you how, they just won’t.


  1. uuhh, the last world war wasn’t in the 50’s! It was from 1939 to 1945. Seems like I’m being trivial but how do you not know that? Geez.

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