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6 Best Ways to Get Tae in Naraka Bladepoint Fast


In Naraka Bladepoint, Tae is the primary currency that players strive to earn fast. It’s used to upgrade your Glyphs, purchase cosmetics, and even get your hands on the coveted Immortal Treasure chests. This guide will walk you through the best ways to earn Tae in Naraka Bladepoint, helping you enhance your character’s skills and looks without spending real-world money.

Understanding Tae Currency and How to Use It

Tae is the main currency in Naraka Bladepoint, a battle royale game where skill and strategy are key. It’s used primarily for upgrading Glyphs, accessories that enhance the stats of your character. While Glyphs may not drastically alter the tide of battle, they are an important way to boost your favorite character’s stats.

Tae can also be used to purchase cosmetics for your characters and weapons. These cosmetics vary in price, ranging from a few thousand Tae up to 8,000 Tae. Immortal Treasure chests, which offer a chance of dropping rare cosmetics not available in the in-game store, cost 4,000 Tae each.

It’s important to note that there is no pay-to-win element in Naraka Bladepoint. Investing in Glyphs can improve certain aspects of your character, such as energy recovery and skill cooldown time, but you can earn enough Tae just by playing the game.

How to Earn Tae Fast

There are several ways to earn Tae in Naraka Bladepoint, most of which involve simply playing the game. Here are the most effective methods:

  1. Complete Daily Quests: These quests provide a steady stream of Tae and are a great way to earn the currency while also improving your skills. However, make sure to learn how to get out of stuck locks to speed up combat section of daily quests.
  2. Complete Cultivation Challenges: Each character has multiple tiers of Cultivation. These challenges often involve using a character’s skills a certain number of times and can provide a significant amount of Tae.
  3. Log in Daily: Just by logging into the game each day, you can earn Tae. It’s a simple and effortless way to build up your Tae reserves.
  4. Level Up Weapon Proficiency: Every time you use a weapon in combat, you increase its proficiency level. The first few levels can provide a few thousand Tae, making this a lucrative method of earning the currency.
  5. Complete Journey’s Dawn Challenges: These challenges offer another way to earn Tae while also providing an opportunity to improve your gameplay.
  6. Level Up by Completing Matches and Winning Encounters: Simply playing the game and striving to win can earn you Tae. The more you play, the more you earn.

Is Blessed Darumas a Good Way to Earn Tae?

In Naraka Bladepoint, Blessed Darumas offer an additional, albeit less efficient, way to earn Tae. These six figurines are hidden throughout the lobby before each match begins, adding a unique side objective that sets Naraka Bladepoint apart from other battle royale games

Every player in the lobby can participate in the hunt for these Blessed Darumas. Once all six are found, a chest spawns that rewards every player with either Spectral Silk or Tae. While this method won’t be your primary source of Tae, it can provide a nice supplementary boost to your earnings.

Remember, every bit of Tae counts. Whether you’re upgrading your Glyphs, purchasing cosmetics, or opening Immortal Treasure chests, these additional earnings from Blessed Darumas can help you reach your goals faster. So, next time you’re in the lobby, why not join the hunt and give your Tae balance a little boost?

Maximizing Tae Earnings

To maximize your Tae earnings, diversify your weapon use during matches. Keep your preferred weapon on hand, but also use different types of weapons to level up their proficiency and earn more Tae.

Remember, the free version of the battle pass also offers Tae rewards. Keeping up with your daily login, daily quests, and battle pass will organically increase your Tae as you play through the game.

Best Ways to Spend Tae Wisely

While it might be tempting to spend your Tae as soon as you earn it, consider saving up for Immortal Treasure chests. These chests guarantee cosmetics of Epic or higher rarity in 10 attempts, and an Extreme cosmetic is guaranteed in 100 attempts.

Remember, there’s no pay-to-win element in Naraka Bladepoint. The Tae you earn can be used to enhance your character and gameplay, but it won’t give you an unfair advantage over other players. So play the game, earn Tae, and most importantly, have fun.

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