“5G Sucks Oxygen From Lungs” And Causes Corona – Bonkers Consipracy Theory

5G is being tested around the world as we speak but there are conspiracy theories that claim that 5G is the cause of COVID-19, the Corona Virus. The theory also suggests that 5G sucks the oxygen from the lungs and causes people to drop dead. If this can even be called a theory. Interestingly people are actually believing this.

5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Results In Chaos

In response to such theories, people in Birmingham have set fire to 5G telecom towers. You can check out a video of the theory below:

Below, you can find a video that shows a telecom tower set on fire:

People actually believe that the governments from around the world are hiding the fact that 5G causes Cronona and that it is going to be used to kill people.

These people have clearly been affected by conspiracy theories found on Facebook and other social media platforms. They do not know what they are talking about and are just blinding relying on fake information that they are getting.

5G Corona

On the other hand, Forbes has just published an article that explains why and how 5G is safe for human beings. Be sure to check that article out in order to learn why 5G is safe so that you do not harm people or damage property.

Workers that are just doing their job are being harassed for installing 5G and fiber. You can clearly see that in the video below:

On the plus side, there are some people that are not buying into this 5G causes Corona nonsense.

Really, if you have nothing better to do at home then play a video game, binge watch Netflix or something rather than spreading information that is not only fake but is damage property.

What we need is to spread awareness regarding the matter and come together. COVID-19 is very serious and we do not something else to get as all agitated. 5G did not cause Corona and there is plenty of evidence that shows that this technology is safe to use.

5G is going to be the future whether you like it or not. Companies have spent millions of dollars to get this working and surely they have thought this through.

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