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505 Games Confirms TGS 2022 Attendance With New Games Teaser


Leading video game publisher 505 Games continues its support of live events with a dedicated press day and online presence at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022), one of the largest video game exhibitions in Asia.

505 Games is proud to announce that as it continues to grow within the APAC region, a number of product exclusives will be revealed throughout TGS, including;

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the hugely anticipated JRPG, and #1 funded Kickstarter video game of 2020 will be supported by developers Rabbit & Bear Studios with live presence of Yoshitaka Murayama, Junko Kawano, Junichi Murakami, and Osamu Komuta at the 505 Games TGS 2022 Official Digital Showcase on September 16. From the creator of the classic JRPG series Suikoden, featuring a massive playable cast of over a hundred characters, a unique combat system, and a beloved classic JRPG look and feel, the game releases in 2023.

Also appearing at the 505 Games TGS 2022 Official Digital Showcase are forthcoming titles Gunfire Reborn, Miasma Chronicles, Stray Blade, and Nivalis. There will also be secret guests and exclusive announcements from HOOK, the new indie publishing label under Digital Bros Group as is 505 Games. Stay tuned also for special gifts for viewers who watch our 505 Games TGS 2022 Digital Showcase.

Finally, 505 Games will host a private press day, packed with awesome surprises, including a fully-rigged Assetto Corsa Competizione experience courtesy of TSK, a Japanese Racing Simulation Kit supplier. The following is what Raffaele Galante, co-CEO of 505 Games had to say regarding the matter:

We’re delighted to be back in Tokyo and showing our games during this year’s TGS. Our presence here, as well as publishing more games from Japan and Asia, and our dedication to improving our localization, is a testament to our commitment toward the Japanese and Asian market. We can’t wait to share with our fans in Japan all the exciting projects we’ve been working on. It’s going to be a great show.

Stay tuned for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Gunfire: Reborn, Miasma Chronicles, and Stray Blade at the Xbox Digital Showcase on September 15th.

Talha Amjad
Talha Amjad
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