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4 Ways To Farm Manglers In MW3 Zombies


Manglers in MW3 Zombies are special zombies that must be found and killed for certain camo challenges. But in typical COD fashion, developers have made this challenge extremely annoying which means you’ll need some help to find Mangler zombies in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

The first step is finding Manglers. The key to finding Manglers lies in engaging with specific types of contracts within the game:

mangler escort location
  • Location: Look for Escort missions throughout the Urzikstan map. These missions are identifiable by a tank symbol on the blue contract phones.
  • Task: Your objective is to follow an Armored Command Vehicle (ACV), protecting it from zombie hordes between research stops.
  • Mangler Encounters: During these missions, the ACV will stop to inspect three different Aether orbs. It’s common to encounter at least one Mangler at each of these stops. The number of Manglers can vary—sometimes you might encounter just one, or if lucky, up to four, especially in lower threat zones.
  • Variability: Note that the frequency and difficulty of encounters can vary with each contract tier.

1. Focus on Medium Zones

Choosing to undertake an Escort contract in a medium-threat zone increases your chances of encountering Manglers. Ensure you’re well-stocked with supplies as these missions are more challenging, requiring more resources to complete without losing the ACV or dying. Be prepared to face Disciples, another type of Special Zombie, particularly in Tier 2 of the Escort contracts.

For effective Mangler farming, prioritize completing as many Escort contracts as possible. While Bounty contracts offer a more direct approach to finding Manglers, the limitation of facing only one Elite enemy at a time makes Escort contracts more efficient for farming purposes.

2. Complete Bounty Contracts

Another reliable method to encounter Manglers is through Bounty contracts. When you pick up a Bounty contract, the description will indicate the type of special enemy you’re targeting, which can be a time-saver. The downside is that these are Elite enemies, and typically, you can only eliminate one at a time.

3. Raid Weapon Stash Contracts

These contracts often feature Manglers, sometimes even in pairs. This method can provide a more focused approach to encountering Manglers compared to other contracts.

4. Mercenary and Aether Loot Caches

You can find schematics in these caches, which are available in outdoor activities like Aether Nests and Strongholds. While not directly related to Mangler encounters, these activities might incidentally lead you to encounter Manglers. Using Freeze ammo against Manglers isn’t the worst idea.

Note: Using field upgrades like Healing Aura and Aether Shroud, as well as tactical equipment like Smoke Grenades and Stims, can help you in sticky situations while farming Manglers. This approach can improve your survival and efficiency during encounters.

Stock up on supplies, especially when tackling higher-threat zones, to ensure your survival and success in these missions.

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