2K Games the creator of NBA 2K19 has introduced unskippable ads to the game. Players report seeing video ads running during loading screens. Regardless of how fast you load the ad won’t go away. NBA 2K19 players are outraged by this “scummy” move from 2K Games.


The creator is yet to release a statement about its intentions. But according to the NBA community, the intentions are simple, make more ad revenue. Such tactics are unheard of in the AAA gaming industry. Running unskippable ads appear in free to play mobile games. The ad you are about to see below is taken directly from NBA 2K19 loading screen. You can see how the ad can’t be skipped, there is no option for it.

Video ads of this nature are somewhat acceptable in free to play mobile games. A massive publisher running such ads in a $60 game is unheard of. What’s even more concerning is what this could mean for the future of NBA and video game monetization in general.

Even one of the moderators of 2K Subreddit found it hard to believe and thought this is a bug. He did give a solution to the problem though.

Hi everyone, I am not in range of consistent internet and just came online to this chaos. It’s been a hell of a week.

I cannot confirm myself; can others confirm that this ad is truly unskippable? Meaning, if the game is done loading it still makes you finish the ad? If so, I’ll reach out to 2K to at least confirm this isn’t a bug. If it’s not a bug, I doubt I have any power over things being changed.

In the meantime, turn 2KTV off in the main menu settings. 2KTV is over for the season anyway and if you want to watch it for the VC you can always go directly to its section in the game

If this isn’t a bug, imagine the implications and where this could lead to. It would be fair to say sports games like FIFA, NHL, NFL, and NBA 2K are marketed to “none core games casual audience.” Such games are often used as test-beds for predatory mechanics before adding them to core games. We saw this happen with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Although it didn’t go so well, EA didn’t back out from its predatory ways.

Update: NBA 2K20 non-disclosure agreement is leaked online suggesting an announcement is coming soon.

Image Credit: Fox