The 2020 Taipei Game Show is going to take place as planned. The event is scheduled to take place from February 6th-9th. In light of the Coronavirus, some measures are being taken to ensure the safety of all the attendants.

Update: The show has now been canceled. The following is the official statement:

2020 Taipei Game Show was originally scheduled to take place on Feb 6 – Feb 9. However, due to the serious outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the event to this summer.

Body temperature checks will be in place at the event and attendants will need to wear a mask. Accordingly to the official 2020 Taipei Game Show website:

All visitors are obliged to wear masks upon arriving at the venue and to cooperate with our staff at all entrances with body temperature checks and hands disinfections. Visitors without masks will be prohibited from entering the venue. Visitors detected with body temperature over 37.5 c will be prohibited from entering the venue and requested to seek medical attention immediately.

These measures are not only for people that are attending the event but for staff and companies that have booths at the event. The website goes on to mention the following guidelines for 2020 Taipei Game Show:

All Taipei Game Show official staff will be requested to wear mask at all times, and to conduct regular disinfections and body temperature checks. We urge all exhibitors and sub-contractors to implement with the measures mentioned above. Moreover, we highly recommend all exhibitors to conduct disinfections on their booth with 75% disinfection alcohol to provide all visitors with a safe and healthy environment.

Guidelines for hosts and cosplayers that cannot wear masks have also been provided. These people are supposed to avoid any kind of contact with other people so that the risk of the Coronavirus spreading from person to person. The official website goes on to mention the following:

All of the public areas, elevators and public restrooms in TaiNEX Hall 1 will be enforced with intense cleanings and disinfections by the organizing committee.

I am sure that the people behind 2020 Taipei Game Show are doing whatever it takes to make things as safe as possible and I admire that the coordinators are trying their best to keep the show going but this can be very dangerous indeed.

People from all over the world are going to attend the 2020 Taipei Game Show and if someone gets the virus then they are going to take it home with them. This could mean that the Coronavirus could travel around the world in no time at all. Let us know what you think about the show not being canceled. You can also check out our article on the creepy similarities between the Coronavirus and Resident Evil.

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