Before we delve into our top picks for Best Valheim World Seeds, it’s important to understand the magic behind seeds. Each seed is a unique string of characters that, when entered at the start of a new game, generates a unique world. This world is your playground, filled with diverse biomes, dangerous creatures, and bountiful resources.


The beauty of this Valheim seed system is its unpredictability – no two seeds are the same, and each one offers a unique adventure. But some seeds stand out from the rest, offering a blend of challenge, opportunity, and beauty that sets them apart.

Moreover, the seeds in Valheim are not just about the layout of the land. They also determine the placement of key resources, the location of bosses, and even the positioning of the elusive trader.

This means that a well-chosen Valheim seed can give you a significant advantage, allowing you to plan your strategy with the knowledge of where important elements are located. Whether you’re looking for a seed with a certain biome near the spawn point, a seed with all bosses within a short distance, or a seed with a particular landscape for aesthetic purposes, there’s a perfect seed out there for you. Let’s dive into the best seeds in Valheim in 2023!


Best Valheim Seeds List

The following is a my curated list of best seeds that you should try in Valheim. To enter a world seed in Valheim, copy the seed text and paste it into the seed input box below the world name when creating a world.

Perfect Starting Location Seed: CdjvRssbHZ

Ideal for beginners, this seed offers a large Meadows biome, providing plenty of room to build and explore. The Elder and Bonemass bosses are not too far away, making it a safe and exciting starting seed.

Challenge Seeker Seed: klW6PHmPNj

This seed is for those who love a challenge. It’s filled with Mountains, Swamps, and Plains, but the reward is that you can find every boss in the game on nearby islands, as well as a plethora of Trader spawn spots to choose from.

Scenic Route Seed: p3k4p6xiXi

Offering a beautiful starting point next to a gigantic lake and plenty of building space near spawn, this seed also provides a forbidding Mountain to the south, alongside a gigantic Black Forest biome to get lost inside. Haldor the Trader can be found on the southernmost tip of the island.


All-Rounder Seed: nkkFzfrNPu

Perfect for those who want everything nearby. Across the lake, you’ll find a Trader startlingly near spawn. Next up is a massive swamp filled with Sunken Crypts for mining Iron; and across the water to the south-west, you’ll find the Elder, Bonemass, and Moder ripe for the slaughtering.

PvP Playground Seed: nDB9WybzUw

This seed is one of the best for PvP potential. Two islands dominate the centre of the map, and each island is dominated by a gigantic snow-capped Mountain. It’s perfect for two mountain-based teams warring against one another.

Lake Lover Seed: 7ntWpe5Pva

This seed offers a starting island pockmarked by three giant lakes. The Elder is fairly nearby, and a gigantic swamp filled with Iron can be found a short swim to the southeast of the island. It’s perfect for those who love to be near water.

Path Finder: IYICYkBpIL

Perfect for those who love to follow the path. This island winds its way upwards and leads you to a spectacular triple-combo of Plains, Mountains, and Swamps ripe for the conquering. You’ll also find Bonemass waiting for you there.


Island Dweller Seed: PDM3hl3hpk

This seed offers a particularly winding and snaking island as your home. You’ll start right next to the coast and a river, for easy access to Flint and Neck Meat. Bosses one to three are found on this starting island alone, so you won’t need to travel far for a long time.

Mountain Climber Seed: Q608EC4NSs

This seed generates a strangely linear island that stabs down to the southeast where you’ll find both Moder and Yagluth at the bottom. Following the island down you’ll find a gigantic mountain range that spans nearly half the island, towering over nearby Swampland.

Sea Voyager Seed: PzkpnLVXq2

This seed is for those after a more languorous journey. It plonks you down on a fairly small starting island, with just Meadow, Black Forest, and Mountains to keep you company. You’ll be forced to embrace the Viking ways and sail the open seas if you want to find the rarer biomes. At least Haldor the Trader isn’t too terribly far away.

Convenient World Seed: HHcLC5acQt

This seed is known for its stunning landscapes and a variety of biomes close to the spawn point. It’s a great choice for players who enjoy exploring diverse environments.

Black Forest Biome Seed: mfDfH8nMrz

This seed is perfect for those who want to get straight into the action. It features a Black Forest biome right next to the spawn point, meaning you can start battling Trolls and mining Copper and Tin right away.

Large Plains Seed: 4ktK2zZn1z

This seed is unique because it features a large Plains biome near the spawn point. This can be a challenge due to the powerful enemies that inhabit the Plains, but it’s a great choice for experienced players looking for a challenge.

Resource Farming Seed: wVJCZahxX8

This seed is known for its abundance of resources. With a Black Forest biome and several Burial Chambers close to the spawn point, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to gather valuable resources early in the game.

Mountain Biome Seed: zxBjjDb6k8

This seed features a large Mountain biome near the spawn point, making it a great choice for players who want to start hunting for Silver early in the game.

Personal Recommendation

In my opinion, the seed nkkFzfrNPu stands out as the best Valheim map seed. It offers a balanced experience with a variety of biomes and bosses close to the spawn point, as well as a Trader nearby. This seed provides a well-rounded experience, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. It offers plenty of opportunities for exploration, resource gathering, and combat, making your Valheim adventure diverse and exciting.

Use the World Generator

The world generator is a website that allows you to see every location, boss, resource etc. in the world you create using Seeds. It is a great resource for all Valheim players as it gives you even more control over how you operate on your map, where you go first, and where you gather resources.

That’s everything you need to know about the Best Valheim Seeds. Have other seeds that you like? Share with us in the comments below.