Achievements/Trophies in 12 Minutes are fairly simple to complete. Most of these achievements/trophies are related to the game’s different endings. As for the others, they require inspecting different things in the apartment. In this guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to unlock all the achievements in 12 Minutes.

12 Minutes Achievements

Before we begin, please remember that the guide contains massive spoilers. You have been warned!

There are a total of seven endings that can be experienced in 12 Minutes. Each one of these endings has a separate achievement/trophy. To learn more on how to get these endings in the game, check out our 12 Minutes Endings guide.

  1. Alone
  2. Confessed
  3. Continue
  4. Coward
  5. Listen
  6. Groundhog
  7. Mindfulness


This requires you to examine the painting in your bedroom during each of the three phases. The three phases are the following:

  • A man and a woman on the terrace.
  • The woman is a little apart from the man.
  • Man.


This requires you to water the plant in your bedroom. To do so, grab a cup and fill it with water.


You need to water the plants in each phase until the flowers appear.


You need to inspect the painting located on the right side of the sink in the kitchen. The painting needs to be inspected thrice i.e., once it is an egg, once it is a cracked shell, and once it is a snake.


To get the final achievement/trophy in the game, you need to examine the painting in the main room – it should be directly above the sofa. The painting must be inspected in four different seasons i.e., Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

This is all we have got in how to unlock all the achievements in 12 Minutes. Be sure to check out our detailed 12 Minutes wiki page for more help on the game.

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