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10 Best Pokemon That Can Learn Cut in 2023


The Cut is a Pokémon move that caused nothing but grief for Trainers. It’s an HM (Hidden Machine), which can only be used outside battle to clear paths, cut down trees, and find hidden items. Needless to say, The Cut is the weakest and most useless move in battle–and once you have it in your move slots, only Move Deleter can remove HM moves, which is an issue if you want to use TMs or leveling-up moves.

As of Generation VII or above, the creator of HM moves has gotten rid of these pesky, time-consuming moves. Now trainers are not required to teach their Pokémon HMs as most Pokémon already know them. For those who still want to teach their Pokémon HMs, they can do that. This guide will list the 10 best Pokémon that Can Learn Cut.

Best Pokemon That Can Learn Cut

Following are the 10 best Pokemon that can learn Cut:


The two types of Pokémon that cannot learn the cut move are fish and marine. This is because they do not have claws or sickles, which are required to learn the move, as mentioned in the Cut Move description. Fish Pokémon also cannot learn this move because their soft claws prevent them from doing slash attacks on opponents. The only exception to this rule is Tentacruel, an evolved form of Tentacool, which can Learn Cut despite being a fish-type Pokémon.


I can understand why some people who played the original Generation of Pokémon and loved it would say that Kartana doesn’t look like a Pokémon. Recently, this beast was launched in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and those who have played it will be familiar with it. It learns the Cut move at level 15, and when it reaches level 70, it will learn Guillotine—an ultimate form of Cut.


Farfetch’d, and Kartana is two different types of Pokémon. However, their stories about learning the Cut move are almost identical. In Pokémon Generation VIII, both species learn the Cut move after leveling up to 15. There is a widespread perception that sleek Talon pokémon like Farfetch’d use their talons to swipe at enemies when they want to cut them. However, this isn’t true for Sirfetch’d—the second evolved form of the Farfetch’d—which doesn’t need to learn how to use Cut.


If you grew up watching the Pokémon movies, then you’re familiar with Bulbasaur and its Cut moves. Why isn’t it possible to learn this move while playing the game? I don’t think there’s a better Pokémon suited for cutting moves since it would come in handy during your journey. Although Bulbasaur may give you some trouble while trying to learn Razor Leaf, don’t skip the Cut move, as it will be helpful at the beginning of the game.


We typically think about scratching only when a cat does it. With that said, it’s no wonder Liepard made this list–cats can do severe damage with their swipes! Even while playing, cats have been known to give nasty scratches. So, if you’re lucky enough to catch a Purrloin or its evolved form, Liepard, try teaching them the Cut move. However, even if the Pokémon has solid stats and power, that doesn’t make the Cut move well.


Clauncher is the best crab-type Pokémon and one of the game’s most robust and versatile creatures. With its impressive array of moves, Clauncher can take on almost any opponent and come out victorious. However, if you take notice of Clauncher, they don’t want to do such things as take down opponents. So why not use them outside the battle arena by teaching the Cut move?


Now it’s time for the awaited Pokémon Rattata. If you were part of the Generation, then you must know that Rattata was called an HM Pokémon. It was common practice to include one Pokémon on your team that knew the maximum number of HMs. This would save a slot. Rattata, which evolves into Raticate, can also learn Cut. To be quite frank, your Rattata will probably never evolve or level up. Continue to use it whenever you need to heal or revive other Pokémon.


Pokémon fans will know that Charizard is the most iconic creature from the series. You might be better off teaching him moves like Flamethrower and Flare Blitz rather than wasting time on the cut move. I understand your point, but some players want an extra challenge. That’s why I’ve included Charizard – because teaching him regular moves is difficult enough. Then imagine how it would be to teach him a Cut Move. If you’re not scared of a challenge, go for it!


Haxorus is the final form of Axew, a Dragon-type Pokemon with extremely sharp tusks. Having Haxorus means having the power to take down any obstacle in your path easily. The only problem is finding an Axew, which is nearly impossible. If you are lucky enough to find one, you need to get him to level 48 before he can evolve into Haxorus. The best way to use Haxorus’s power is by teaching it the move “cut.”


Arceus is called the god of Pokémon because it knows everything. So why can’t Arceus learn the Cut move? Indeed, it must know every HM move by now. The ability to change into any Pokémon type sets Arceus apart; however, moves like hyper Beam need to be learned while leveling up to access these transformations. If you are concerned about items, remember that they should be from the Plate series.

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